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Introducing Payroll One : RTI Ready


Payroll One was one of the first payroll systems to be HMRC recognised for RTI.


Payroll One is fully compliant with RTI (Real Time Information) requirements as specified by HMRC. So you can be confident that your company is compliant.


RTI (Real Time Information) is an HMRC initiative which requires employers to report every payment to employees before the payment is made. From April 2013 it will replace the current filing of starter/leaver P45/P46 documents and it also replaces year-end P35/P14 so the current PAYE year, 2012/13, will be the last year that P35/P14 is filed at year end.


HMRC has a system for checking that payroll software suppliers conform to the requirements of RTI. HMRC calls this verification process "Recognition", and we're delighted to confirm that Payroll One is amongst the first suppliers to be awarded "HMRC Recognised" status for its 2013/14 payroll software release.


Please note: RTI doesn't change anything about how PAYE and NI is calculated. Nor does it change anything about how you actually pay HMRC the PAYE and NI that your organisation owes.