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Introducing Payroll One : Enterprise Payroll Features

Payroll One is a modern, feature rich, powerful and very scalable payroll solution used by tens of thousands of companies of all sizes. The list below details only some of the features in Payroll One and is by no means a complete list.


Back pay automatically calculated for late-notified new starters. This includes correct handling of NI that spans multiple pay periods.

Mid-period pay rises. Notify the software of the date of a pay rise, and it will automatically pay correct amounts prior and subsequent to the pay rise, pro-rata.

You can specify daily pay rates for employees rather than hourly rates if you wish.

Payments to 3rd parties included in banking files. So your payment run can include pension companies and attachments automatically.

Audit tracking of changes to master-file data. If more than one operator has access to the data you can track WHO changed WHAT and WHEN they did it.

Net to Gross calculations of individual payments, including control over the payment code used for the gross-up element. For example employees can be given a bonus of £100 in their pocket

Nominal codes associated with a particular payment code can automatically vary according to the employee department.

Each payment line can have its own multi-dimensional analysis attached

Employer costs can automatically be distributed to departments/projects/cost-centres etc in the ratio of employee earnings between the analysis elements.

Standard cost distribution ratios can be defined as an alternative to the ability to enter the cost distribution in detail as payments are made.

Pay rates and amounts automatically associated with a particular payment can vary according to the employee department. eg Car Allowance is £400 for Sales and £500 for Engineering.

A default set of regular payments can be set up which are applied to all new employees in a payroll. So you don't have to remember to set up pensions, union dues, overtime rates, and so on.

More direct control of which pay elements form part of a pension calculation, with different elements applying to different pension schemes.

Operators can maintain lists of departments, nominal codes, and analysis tags in the software, so that wrong codes can't be used by accident during data entry.

A payroll can generate accounting text files via a powerful "masking" system which allows you to control the format of the output so that it is suitable for direct import into your accounting system, without rekeying. A default output mask can be defined for the whole company, and then overridden for each nominal code where different nominal codes have different import requirements.